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Deep Healing Consultation

Recommended for first-time clients diving into self-inquiry or if you are on a deep, gentle, nurturing journey to heal from trauma.

Creating transformational Magical Doorways of healing, these sessions are a sacred space to activate and deepen into the wisdom and intuition that lives within you and can bring you powerful healing insights and gifts to your health, relationships, family, sexuality, finances, vocation and soul purpose.

(in-person/zoom/phone sessions offered)

(1 hour and 30 minutes)
$ 198.00

PsychoSpiritual Healing Session

Psychospiritual therapy, couples counseling and Womb Awakening consultations may include:

  • Emotional exploration and healing, processing anger, grief, fear and anxiety
  • Healing past or current relationships and sexual wounds, dissolving cords
  • Uncovering, exploring and healing past life/ancestral epigenetic wounds
  • Shamanic journeying into the shadow lands of your psyche
  • Tuning you into your Womb Power and finding the Voice of your Womb (or Hara, in men)
  • Connecting you to the unconditional support of the Cosmic Womb and Womb of Gaia
  • Connecting you to your Divine Feminine & Masculine Spirit Guides
  • Awakening your vitality, Shakti energy and passion for life

This session can be an open space to see what is wishing to arise in your healing journey, and is also perfect if you are feeling called to another deep healing consultation but aren’t yet sure what issues are wishing to be explored and embraced.

(in-person/zoom/phone sessions offered)

(45 minutes)
$ 165.00

Womb Oracle Journey and Reading

Come to the session in the quiet space of your home or where-ever you’ll be undisturbed for 45 minutes.

What to expect during your session:

We will open sacred space together and you will be gently guided into your womb center using imagery, breath, and toning to expand your womb consciousness.

​Upon guiding you back into the present time and place, space will be held for you to integrate the messages you received from your wise womb.

(in-person/zoom/phone sessions offered)

(45 minutes)
$ 45.00
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